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About Us

COST Charitable Trust Registered as a Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trust act 1882 and Foreign Contribution Regulation [F.C.R.A] Act 1976, Government of India. It has been working among under Privileged, marginalized,Vulnerable, Physically and  Mentally Challenged and deprived people of the society on to the programmes as Non-Profit Basis. Empower the target  Communities through Education, Health, Welfare and Development Projects, Gender Equity and  Environmental Protection. COST Charitable Trust started on 2001, by Bro.Samuel Raj, Educationist and Social activist with  rich experienced in the field of social activities sector through education, health, Rural and Tribal Development.

To implement development, relief and welfare programmes with a concentration in all level of development of children, Women, disabled, tribal, poor and Marginalized and deprived Groups in India

To develop, organize, foster and support economic development on a non-profit basis through Self-Help Groups, Thrift, Credit  Groups and Federations for the disadvantaged and thus empower them into economically competitive community.

To collaborate with Government, Voluntary Agencies and People’s Groups in programmes of relief, development and networking  based on accepted social values.

To develop methodologies for monitoring rural and urban community development programmes.

To promote / undertake empirical research studies on problems relating to the development of weaker sections of society


Sponsor a child a Child and enable them to access Nutrious  food, Education, Health care and holistic development.

The Sponsorship amount is 10$ / Rs.600 Per Month or 120$ / Rs 7000 Per Year for one needy Child in India. Click to Sponsor

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Community Organisation For Social Transformation Trust

Savings the Lives in Rural India Through Integrated development

Governance & Administration

The Project Planning and Implementation:

COST TRUST design projects in consultation with its target groups and with the project Team and its members. In every meeting the issues found are discussed and analyzing the feed backs of field staff. If data deemed highly important and falls with its vision, mission and objectives projects will be developed adopting participatory approach. The members COST TRUST will seek sources and to execute project as per strategies developed to implement and attain the sustainability of the project. Needed staff with needed qualification will be selected and the target group’s incorporation will be ensured in implementation of the project.                                                            

Generally the filed staff will absorb from the project area for follow up and keep the impact the project achieved as follow the below activities.

Staff Capacity Building
Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation Programme Management
Weekly Review, Monitoring
Monthly Review
Financial Management Structure
Strategic Planning: It is arranged for once in three years in which the project coordinator of all the projects are attending the strategic plan meeting, in which the organisation policies, core values, organisation culture are discussed amendments are made in the needed areas. Thus the reporting, monitoring, evaluation is done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly. It is following systematic approach in project development and implementation. The director is directly involved in all the proe4cess. In some time the project monitoring team is doing the work and submit the reports to the director.

1.  Name : Community Organisation For 

    Social Transformation Trust -                    

    COST TRUST/ COST Charity

2. Registered Under Indian Trust Act

    1882 on 2001

3. Registered Under Foreign

   Contribution Regulation Act [F.C.R.A]

   Ministry of home Affairs Government of


4.  Registered Under Charitable  Acts

     Government of India

5.  Areas of expertise                                               Rural Health Care & Mobile Health care,


     Children's & women Development,

     Disabled Rehabilitation,                                       

     Income generation and                 

     Environmental Protection.   

6.  Working Region  : South India

7.   Financial Year

      1st April  to 31 st  March of Every Year