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  • To provide Health care and Health Education to the Rural Tribal and Urban families in India.

  • To establish and Construct the Charity Hospitals, Schools, Old-Age Homes, Women & Child Welfare Centers for the benefit of needy groups.

  • To provide educational Sponsorship, Nutritional, moral and Health care support to Poor, Tribal Children, School Dropouts and Street children.

  • To provide School supplies, stipends, Scholarships, medals and incentives to the Students.

  • To provide care, education centre and shelter home for Orphan children.

  • To provide free and low-cost housing for the underprivileged tribal, rural and urban slums poor families.

  • To empower and develop the vulnerable Groups like widows, disabled, Diseased and affected by the victims of poverty.

  • Rural and Tribal Women empowerment through SHGs Formation, Self-Employment / Skills Trainings, awareness Programs and provide livelihood support to start the Income Generation to improve the socio-economic condition of poor women.

  • To Provide vocational and Livelihood Trainings to the unemployed, underprivileged youth.

  • To raise awareness on environmental conservation, climate change, wild life protection, natural resources management and Communicable and non-communicable diseases.

  • To empower the rural poor, small farmers through sustainable agriculture, organic farming, agro-forestry, watershed management/development, Traditional seed conservation and vermi-compost production.

  • To provide relief and rehabilitation for the victims of Natural calamities

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