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Annual Report 2016-17


Erandellaiparai Dindigul-624003 Tamil Nadu India









COST TRUST has been established on 24th JULY 2001 as a voluntary social service organisation and non– profit motive aims and objectives of service to the poor, needy desolated towards their self reliance through health, educational social economic and environmental development interventions, the members of the organisation are social minded education it with concern for the weaker sections of the rural tribal communities.




COST NGO organisation considers education and health as basic means for any desired development either for an individual or for a nation. One can’t think of any development without awareness and education about critical outback on the health life education and development approach, which does not respect and regard local needs, culture bio/environment empowers, and future security of this planet.


COST NGO strives to create awareness and educate in health, skills in ecologically sound, economically viable and socially needed and just development initiatives, for any development should be sustainable.


ANNUAL REPORT 2001 -2002




COST NGO is a social service voluntary organisation in the district influencing and interacting with deserving community to develop an alternative society for them. It commenced its developmental activities in divers fields in FIFTY rural villages since 2000. Because of its well established facilities, capacity and accountability it could able to mobilize source and support from govt. departments and funding agencies cost believes in the capacity of people it they guided and motivated the people to become part and involve in start from the movement of the programmes. The programmes executed during the year 2001-2002 would at least cost credentials, capability and integrity in development fields to promote the status of disadvantaged section of the social structure.





To strength the concepts of self-help for enabling the women gender socially economically powered and bring out their hidden potential. COST organised women gender to form self helps groups. The generated motivation and consistent interaction with produced desired effectiveness among them and understand strength of collective works.


35 women self help groups functioning in the project area with around 700 member are enrolled and saved the amount around One Lake. 20 groups in Thottanuthu panchayat villages organised into federation. They were trained well on micro credit and groups management and motivated them to involve in social activities to create an alternative society empowered socially and economically. To provide knowledge were called on for the purposed and developed their confident activities and to participate in other social related development works.





COST runs rural health care centres catering medical services to 40 remote villages with in its capacity. Every day with the involvement of social minded medical doctor and nurses health staff it make visit to the remote villages and extend the medical treatment and health education. Patients needs special attentions were referred to government hospital and St, Joseph hospital Dindigul. We have two village health nurses who are serving every day to the villages. They take care of health centres and caring for ailed. The health centres treated patients of 40 villages.




COST also conducting mobile health care facilities providing by a four wheeler van to the 40 unreached rural areas of Dindigul and sanarpatty blocks. There are two health care nurses serving and providing treatment everyday to the villagers. The medical doctor will make visit once every week. The identified chronicle disease patients were referred to GH & St. Joseph hospital Dindigul. The mobile health care programme treated patients of 40 villages.




COST organisation involving educational activities as nonformal, and child educational development in collaboration with various agencies and generated awareness against the evils of child Lobour and illiteracy in Dindigul District. COST started collaborating with CASA and in non-formal education activities in 12 villages of Dindigul block. In these centers the child labours school dropouts are taught basic education numerical ability general awareness and moral values.


The approach followed in these alternative education centres have been Carefully planned and implemented so that the child Lobour are enrolled back into regular schools to continue their educational aspirations around 41 dropout Children have been motivated to join the regular school thus the deprived children could enter into the main stream of life.





COST NGO conducted a district level awareness camp for physically handicapped people in collaboration with IDARA, department of Gandhian thought and peace science. The disabled persons need support and assistance to rehabilitation their life in par with other community members. 36 people within the district participated and expressed their felt needs. Cost & IDARA, Dept of G.T.P.S. extended them benefit in small scale business and provided small assistance to 12  Visually handicapped to earn to and income daily. COST has deigned with District net work NGOs a special integrated scheme to provide them common shelter and exploring the trades to their capacity.




COST running a residential home for the disadvantaged orphaned disabled destitute children who are all in the age group of 6 to 15 years. At present there are 15 children staying in the home and are studying in the near by schools for pursuing basic education. Out of 15 children 3 of them are physically handicapped 5 children are semi orphaned and 7 are from poor tribal living below poverty line. These children are provided food, clothing, medical care and recreation facilities. This programme is being implemented with the help of local donation, church offerings and contributions from well wishers. Children were enjoyed with two days educational tour programme.




COST Organised and conducted good number of awareness generating programming on key issues that handicap over all development of grass root sector.


a) Awareness programme on environment and Eco-development.

b) Awareness programme on creating drug free society.

c) Awareness programme on social evils and empowerment.


Five special awareness programmes were organised each five villages out of 25 villages in Dindigul block. The local people have been motivated and educated on various issues like Un-employment poverty eradication, personal hygiene community environment, waste disposal and conservation of natural resource, enhancing sustainable clean environment and need to promote ecological balance to develop community environmental specialists conducted in the programme and exhibited demonstration on making kitchen garden, herbal garden, organic compost and vermin compost. 525 women leaders were participated in this programme for giving and communicate the messages to the total community.



Awareness programmes on prevention of HIV/AIDS /STD and methods of health care systems. For preventing and controlling HIV/AIDS /STD epidemic cost conducted 6 awareness programme for its project industries, farm workers, migrant Labourers, who need to acquire knowledge about HIV/AIDS /STD. This programme was conducted in 35 villages in Dindigul and sanarpatty blocks through COST mobile health care programme. There are women group leaders were participated to spread these messages to the community. Resource persons from university, doctors and NGOs specialized in the subject were invited and their service fully initialized to provide education on the killer disease.


 Two special camps and two awareness programmes were conducted on the evils and its adverse impact on social and family life on addicting social and family life on addicting to drug and consuming in toxicating illicit or legally brewed alcohol. This programme covers seven villages and five schools in Dindigul block. Around 700 villages and 560 children were participated in these programmes. Medical doctors and counselor on the subject addressed and created impact among the villages and the school children.




For Implementing successful development projects in desired way experienced field staff and dedicated minded volunteer are essential. Cost has 7 staff, 21 volunteers, and 1 voluntary part time doctor. COST in tune with the changing concept and approach in development field to enhance its staff capacity build confidence to cope with practical problems in the fields cost conduction capacity building programme with resource persons from reputed institution, and NGOs were invited to train and build up staff capacity on development subjects. Staffs were deputed to participate in seminars, workshops and training programmes organised by various institutions and NGOs.




COST NGO is a member of Tamil Nadu voluntary health association, NGOs network forum women child development federation youth development forum of IDARA Gandhigram university. The Networks provides a forum to interact with each other, sharing ideas and concepts and strengthening the capacity of NGOs through collective movement. COST NGO is a development and grass root level NGO the district.




To realise the programmes especially designed for the marginalised disadvantaged grass roots. Cost mobilized assistance from local churches, temples, govt. agencies, raised funds from rural mini health centres, mobile health care programmes, educational Institutions abroad agencies and from social minded philanthropists. Cost that it will reach more unreached who need supportive and guiding force and source to have a sustainable development in their lifetime.



                                                                                    Signature of the chief functionary

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