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Free Charity Tours India

Our Charity Partner SAMVEDA Charity Tours India Supporting and Organising Free Tours for Members of Food for poor Programs.

We invite you to join Free Tours through to support Food distribution for Poor Families.

Donate to COST Charity to Feed Poor Families.

Donate Meals and Select Tour Plan

DONATE 100 MEALS-Rs.5,000 -1 Day Free Tour   

DONATE 300 MEALS-Rs.15,000-3 Days Free Tour   

DONATE 400 MEALS-Rs.20,000-4 Days Free Tour   

DONATE 500 MEALS-Rs.25,000-5 Days Free Tour   

DONATE 600 MEALS-Rs.30,000-6 Days Free Tour   

DONATE 700 MEALS-Rs.35,000-7 Days Free Tour   

DONATE 800 MEALS-Rs.40,000-8 Days Free Tour   

DONATE 900 MEALS-Rs.45,000-9 Days Free Tour   

DONATE 1000 MEALS-Rs.50,000-9 Days Free Tour   

Donate Meals and Select Tour Plan

DONATE 100 MEALS -  Rs.5,000 - 1 Day Free Tours   Donate

Our Charity Partner SAMVEDA Herbal Company supplying Herbal Tea Free of cost to Registered and Donors of COST Charitable Trust projects.



COST Charitable Trust select like-minded people to supply of Herbal Tea as free of cost for one year as first come first serve basis.


Aims : To prevent the viral Diseases and raise the immunity among the people in India.


Register your place her with registration donation. Your donation will be used food for five hungry poor in India.


Your donations are eligible for tax exemption under 80G of income tax act in India. 

Receipt will be issued online.

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